Thursday, April 30, 2009

Charity $ for the Military

While hosting his Fox News Comedy Show Las week, Sean Hannity said waterboarding is a fair and necessary interrogation technique for suspected terrorists.

Charles Grodin asked Hannity whether he would consent to be waterboarded.
"Sure," Hannity said. "I'll do it for charity ... I'll do it for the troops' families."
Sean Hannity then looked at the camera as if to say he was serious, this was for charity, for out military, "Are you busy on Sunday?" asked Grodin and Hannity laughed.
"I'll let you do it," Hannity said.
"I wouldn't do it," To that, Grodin said. "I'll hand you a towel when you come out of the shower."

So, Keith Olbermann offered to donate $1,000.00 per second and he'd double it if Hannity confesses that he feared for his life and admits that waterboarding is torture.

No response from Hannity, but his Fox affiliate over at ABC's the view, Elizabeth Hasselbeck said he didn't need to be waterboarded, he has already raised enough money for the Military, really enough?

Now Hannity is scared, he knows he made a mistake, he is afraid of being waterboarded, who wouldn't. The problem is, he talks tough but he is really a snot nosed little boy.

So if waterboarding is like "dumping some guy's head in a tank" why wont hannity do it? Shouldn't he do what ever it takes to make life easier for the military? Maybe he isn't the great patriot he claims to be. Well, I for one would pay to see Hannity waterboarded. What a great day that would be, I can imagine him breaking down and crying before they even put him on the board. Hopefully if starts to feel like a real man, maybe, just maybe he will change his mind and keep his word.


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